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About Senome

Mobile Game Development Studio inspired by anime

We love games, anime and therefore we want to surprise you by gorgeous and nice hearted project, that you will love. Play with us and join our journey today!

Our Games

There a several project, that we already developed. Jungle:Dangerous Romace is the first game we released with our team.

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Visual novel

In this otome game you’ll learn the story of Yang Ling, an eighteen-year-old girl who came to Japan searching for a family friend. Her first day in a new country turned her life upside down forever – now Yang Ling is a Fated and the universe itself is trying to destroy her.



Two brothers have been taken away and brought to The Dark Masquerade. They were supposed to become the main dish for monsters but decided to run away. Help them meet each other and get out from the cursed castle.


Casual Merge

Open a big house and let your lumberjacks chop wood. Merge them to find more resources and treasures for you!

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Pick up a cue and play pool!

Hit the balls and merge them!

Collect the biggest available number in the game!

Enjoy casino style!

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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