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Jungle: Dangerous Romance

Visual Novel - Free

Yang Ling must join the Jungle, the group of Fated who are looking for a mysterious amulet that can change everything. It’s her only way to escape from death.

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4.9 Rating


The prologue has passed. So insanely impressed with the story, visual style and relationships of the characters that you mentally live their lives and want to continue to investigate cases with them! The music is magnificent and cosmic, conveys the mood of the characters and the atmosphere of the scene! It was interesting to play mini-games. Thank you for the game, I will wait for the continuation. :)


Hi! I saw the ad for the game and was surprised that it didn't have many downloads and reviews. The game's art is beautiful, and the characters design is pretty cool. The prologue was kind of fast. But it's not bad! It's cool even if it's fast cause gave an explanation for the first illustration with Akira, for example. I didn't quite understand the coin and key system, I assume it's still being developed or my phone just didn't load the ads? I really loved the time and fated thing.


A very atmospheric game with a rather unusual setting. We are already used to Japan and anime themes, but what about a specific historical period? It really came to me that there are such 80-90s here, it can be seen even in the drawing. I immediately remembered the good old sailor) And guys are in general. It was hard to choose. Special thanks also for the opportunity not to choose someone, to follow a neutral path. There is a great lack of this in the Otome. More mini-games are cool, cool that affect the plot. I will continue to play!



Don't waste your time

  • Explore Tokyo's darkest secrets in otome story

  • Choose between three (and one secret) handsome love interests

  • Play mini-games to unlock new parts of the story plot

  • Customize appearance of the heroine


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