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Billiard 2048: Pushing Master

Arcade - Free

  • Easy to play with one touch control.

  • Awesome graphics.

  • Detailed guide and rules.

  • Download for free, play anytime, anywhere.

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Pool, Merge and Push

  • Swipe to move the number cube to get an excellent position and then release it.

  • When the same number cube merged, chain reaction sometimes happen. More chain reactions bring higher scores. So try to use one block to merge more number blocks.

  • Smash numbered blocks together to reach the score of 2048!

4.7 Rating


It is so much fun, harder than the real game but lots of fun


Super wonderful! Best game 2022. Developer's successfully developed by natural and colorful graphics design.So much excitement and interesting mindful game when I was playing.

Saroj Basori

First ty playing I like it cause this will be the closest I get to playing a great game!

Yolanda Malone

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